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Vancouver, the BC long throwback party, harking back to crimson sauce Italian-American cuisine and the lifestyle of abbondanza!Pepino’s Launches Month-Long Throwback Party Celebrating Italian-American Cuisine 2

Since commencing in June 2018, Pepino’s has come to be among Vancouver’s most cherished rooms, serving old college Italian fare – think piled-high portions of pasta, massive cuts of meat, considerable bread. The type of hearty requirements that outline a purple sauce eating place, lovingly crafted with the best pleasant elements, cherished with the aid of families, and the movers and shakers alike. Throwing it back to the old days, the one-year-vintage spot is getting dressed up for dinner! Pepino’s will don a festive, retro look all thru July, with requisite purple checkered tablecloths. Complete with a throwback menu proposing highlights from the Italian-American delicacies canon – Veal Scallopini alla Boccaiola, Steak Oscar, and perhaps even a go back of the outlet menu original House Lasagna. Special cocktails to complement the dishes, flowing quartinos of “house” wine, and sentimental surprises along the way!

In its a success first 12 months, Pepino’s has already collected severa accolades and achievements; among them, the awards for Best New Restaurant Design (Gold) and Best New Restaurant (Silver) at the 2019 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. But, most importantly, the eatery is cherished by the local people, having earned reward for the honor shown to historical Nick’s Spaghetti House, the previous occupants of the Pepino’s space. An iconic Little Italy locale for extra than 60 years, Nick’s legacy has been honored via Pepino’s co-owners, respectively: Paul Grunberg’s mythical hospitality; Craig Stanghetta’s studio, Ste Marie Design’s transportive touch of “Nonna’s-house” surroundings; and chef Mark Perrier’s by-the-e-book determination to the Italian-American style.
Located at 631 Commercial Drive, Pepino’s is open for dinner seven days per week from 5 pm until late. Walk-ins are regularly occurring. However, reservations are encouraged. Please go to Situated inside the midst of Vancouver’s Little Italy. Pepino’s is the brainchild and 2d joint assignment of Osteria Savio Volpe’s acclaimed restaurateurs Paul Grunberg, Craig Stanghetta, and Mark Perrier. Pepino’s is a comfortable Commercial Drive eatery serving up hearty dishes inspired by sparkling flavors, traditions, and easy cooking strategies of Southern Italy. The 62-seat eating place, previously occupied for over 62-years with the aid of the long-lasting Nick’s Spaghetti House, is the “pink sauce American cousin” to Savio Volpe, serving tomato-primarily based pasta dishes, savory spices, and stick-to-your-ribs meats. Pepino’s aspires to be a neighborhood preferred, a safe area where human beings can take a load off, breathe inside the aromas of sparkling cooking, and look forward to a leisurely meal with family and friends.

The main path supplying meanders all over Italy, from pollo alla Romana (Roman-style fowl with combined bell peppers) to cioppino Siciliano. And in case you notion cioppino originated within the San Francisco Italian fisherman network (I did), Teresa Russo is happy to dispute that beginning tale. It’s secure to mention that nobody in San Francisco would apprehend the model served at Alex & Teresa’s as cioppino (it comes off more like Zuppa di pesce). However, there’s no denying that it’s a delectable, tomatoey seafood stew.

Chef Alberto Di Somma, who has cooked all over the globe from Naples to Brazil, does his homeland of Milan proud with worthy dishes: Osso Bucco alla Milanese (with risotto), and cotoletta alla Milanese con melanzane a fun ghetto: gently breaded veal cutlets served with a medley of eggplant and tomatoes cooked “mushroom style.”

New York-style pizzas are another triumphing choice. However, with the emphasis on proper Neapolitan fare, Alex & Teresa’s doesn’t bill their pies as “los Angeles vera Napoletana.” Instead, more than two dozen toppings are to be had, in addition to residence specialty pies together with eggplant parmesan and prosciutto San Daniele — on a thin, well-browned crust.

Alex & Teresa’s is still a piece in progress. However, the development within the kitchen has been especially staggering because my first go to in February, while under-salting, changed into a habitual problem. Besides a Caesar salad marred by way of difficult, dense croutons, everything I’ve had on subsequent visits has been good to excellent.

The eating room decor has been coming alongside extra slowly. In late May, the proprietors established a tiled bar with a featured Italian cocktails feature (attempt the Rossini or the Campari spritz). And simply an ultimate week, Greco began to portray over the ones stark black and white murals of New York City landmarks (which Alex & Teresa’s inherited from the pizzeria that turned into the previous tenant) with a warm, inviting shade of peach. Teresa Russo plans to convey domestic paintings to beautify the walls of the one when she returns from a go-to Naples in August.

In the period in-between, the restaurant’s affable owners’ enthusiasm — and their frequent switching from English to Italian after they banter with one another and with chef Alberto (who occurs to be a family friend) have to be greater than enough to set the temper.

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