Berkeley’s Amausaan Uji Matcha is an indulgent shrine for Japanese dessert lovers

Last week, I became invited to check out downtown Berkeley’s new Japanese-style dessert eating place, Amausaan Uji Matcha. Had I any doubt I was on the proper vicinity, I wished handiest to observe the white rabbit inside. The kimono-garbed anime-fashion hare statue, this is, which stands simply in the door, retaining forth an ample bowl […]

A high-quality-smooth Fourth of July dessert, or a recipe for folks that want to project themselves

Don’t we love that America is a land wherein we have the freedom to choose? That consists of just how a whole lot attempt you positioned into making an Independence Day dessert. Will you supply it the all-American try to make a flag cake with an engineer’s precision, or will you opt to be a […]

Shave ice is truely an historical dessert from Japan

The Hawaiian islands are an archipelago steeped in diversity. The bodily isolation of the islands has fostered high prices of biodiversity and endemism within the state’s plant life and fauna, even as weather zones variety from tropical rainforest on the east coast of the Big Island to polar tundra at the peak of Mauna Loa […]

Watalappan – Sri Lanka’s Most Famous Dessert

WThere are many cities in the world in which I experience right away at home; Colombo is one such metropolis. Centuries of Colonial rule (The Dutch, Portuguese and the British had been all right here) have left their stamp at the city’s architecture and culinary scene. There are many similarities between nearby cuisine and meals […]

Beware! People with those character tendencies can end up manipulative partners

Being in a courting with a manipulative accomplice is like being on a rollercoaster experience sans the fun and thrill. Your companion’s inconsistent behaviour, unpredictable moods and unreasonable demands might also leave you confused and to some extent responsible. When you’re with this sort of accomplice, you never recognize wherein you stand, and you will […]

Chilled coffee noodles for dessert are Japan’s most recent summertime candies innovation

In Western meals and beverage traditions, pasta and espresso are typically served warm. For pretty a while, however, Japan has recognized that each noodle and java could make for fresh summertime treats while chilled. So these days Japanese forte coffeehouse Tanuki Coffee, located in Chiba Prefecture, were given to thinking, if zaru soba (bloodless buckwheat […]

Putting the Soul of Atlanta at the Dessert Menu

Everyone in Atlanta appears to have a story approximately the Clermont Lounge, the landmark strip club-lessen-dive bar on Ponce de Leon Avenue. And any top story approximately the Clermont Lounge features Blondie, the dancer who celebrated her fortieth anniversary at the membership this spring at 62 years vintage. Blondie is an icon. She’s known for […]