Richard Mille will pay tribute to candies with delectable watches

In the horology business, watch designers need to paintings towards the clock to create timepieces with all of the bells and whistles to cater to its developing purchasers. The more captivating and specific the watch, better the danger it might move down in the annals of horology design records. Since its established order in 1999, […]

Sweets and Snacks: Leveraging Confectionery Online

If there’s one location that online shopping has lagged grocery inside the immediate gratification department, it’s at point-of-purchase, in which tossing a candy bar or a % of gum onto the checkout counter is perhaps more attractive than forsaking the web cart to go to some other product web page. But in a presentation at […]

Garlands, candies & gunshots welcome BJP’s Vijayvargiya out on bail

BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya, who was jailed for thrashing a municipal company officer with a bat, stated–he became now not feeling embarrassed or responsible for what he did, as he couldn’t consider whatever else whilst ladies have been being mistreated– whilst he walked out on bail Sunday morning from Indore jail, reports ANI. On his […]

Sweets no longer seen as ‘treats’ because commercials tell youngsters they deserve chocolate, leader clinical officer says

Sweets are no longer visible as “treats” due to the fact ads inform kids and women that they need to devour chocolate, the Chief Medical Officer has stated. Giving proof to the Science and Technology Committee, Professor Dame Sally Davies said Britain has “misplaced the concept” of what constitutes a rare treat and that “we […]

Confectionery firms the usage of caricature characters to inspire ‘pester power’ to promote sweets

In the most important UK survey of its type, new studies via Action on Sugar and Action on Salt based at Queen Mary University of London, in affiliation with Children’s Food Campaign, has discovered half of (51%) of 526 food and drinks products that use cool animated film animations on % to enchantment to children […]

Man riding scooter snatches Rs 10 lakh from chocolates shop owner in Gurugram

A proprietor of a chocolate shop at a market in Jacobpura was robbed on Friday night by a person riding a scooter, who allegedly snatched ₹10 lakh from him. The police said that they are checking the photos of CCTV cameras hooked up close to the spot to identify the snatcher. The incident comes almost […]

Fini Sweets Brings Imaginative Offerings and Next Generation Flavors to U.S. Candy Market

Fini Sweets, Spain’s No. 1 candy manufacturer and distributor, has nine licorice and gummy products on its North American roster. Products consist of allergen-unfastened, gluten-free, and vegan pleasant chocolates to fulfill a developing and in large part unfulfilled marketplace. Fini Sweets will make more prominent its U.S. Retail presence this summer, and introduce Flip It, […]

d with Rabindranath Tagore and Bengali Sweets Aired Before Ind-Ban Match Causes Controversy

AAhead of the India-Bangladesh fit this World Cup season, it is thrilling to notice how Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore forms the commonplace floor among the two nations that are scuffling with it out on the sphere today. Here’s the component, histories of both the international locations are so intricately connected, that it is nearly not […]

‘Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Joy Bangla’ goodies for sale in West Bengal

On Saturday, Bengal celebrated ‘jamai sushi,’ an annual competition that revolves around pampering the sons-in-law (jamai) of the families. The day is spent in smothering the jamai with gifts, savory meals, and delectable candies, which shape a vital part of the one-day competition. The in-legal guidelines traditionally rejoice familial bonds via indulging within the maximum […]

Akash Vijayvargiya, arrested for assaulting civic authentic, became no longer welcomed after he became released on bail, claims Indore BJP

Indore: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stern message concerning the attack by way of BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya on a civic authentic, nearby party leaders claimed on Tuesday that Vijayvargiya turned into not welcomed upon his launch. Akash, son of BJP popular secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya, become caught on tv cameras closing week while attacking a […]