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On Saturday, Bengal celebrated ‘jamai sushi,’ an annual competition that revolves around pampering the sons-in-law (jamai) of the families. The day is spent smothering the jamai with gifts, savory meals, and delectable candies, shaping a vital part of the one-day competition.‘Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Joy Bangla’ goodies for sale in West Bengal 2

The in-legal guidelines traditionally rejoice familial bonds via indulging within the maximum exquisite chocolates, particularly crafted to fit the occasion.
Breaking far away from the standard candies which might be available inside the marketplace around this time of the year, certain sweetmeat stores in Bengal have added a new variety of ‘shondesh’ to their racks. What units those aside, are the strategic slogans engraved on them – inclusive of ‘Jai Shri Ram,’ ‘Jai Hind,’ and ‘Joy Bangla.’
These come at a time while the political situation in Bengal is anxious, often over the CM Mamata Banerjee’s outrage over slogans like Jai Shri Ram and the Bharatiya Janata Party cadre’s insistence on the use of it. Several humans have taken to social media when you consider that, a few wondering why the slogans bother her, others rebuking her knee-jerk reactions, with the relaxation stating that it quantities to politicizing a religious declaration.

I am cashing in on the recent topic of the moment, marketers’ concept of attracting the candy-toothed Bengalis with the special milk-made cakes embellished with the contentious slogans. Each of those chocolates is reportedly priced anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs two hundred in keeping with kg, in step with a DNA record.
Customers had reportedly queued up because morning to buy the goodies with a message of their preference. Shopkeepers informed that there wasn’t an iota of hatred, political alignment, or bigotry within the making of the chocolates but pure pride and advertising ability.

Chennai has been reeling beneath a water disaster for quite some time now, and a NITI Aayog record states that the town, in conjunction with 20 others, may additionally run out of water by 2020.
In such checking out instances, what the metropolis and the use of an in standard wishes is a hero, and Dayanand Krishnan merely is that.
The forty five-yr-old Chennai guy has made a rainwater harvesting device that requires no plumber and expenses only Rs 250. A resident of Chitlapakkam created the equipment using natural products, including a drum, PVC pipe bends, PVC pipe, and a cloth filter worth Rs 20.

According to a record through The Better India, Krishnan could gather 225 liters of water the use it in just 10 mins.
Since Krishnan already owned a drum, he only had to buy the three-feet PVC pipe and the pipe bends. He connected the pipes to his 400 rectangular ft terrace, that is in which all the water collects. He related the rear stop of the tube to the drum and secured it with the material filter out.
Although the preliminary water accrued had a tint since it changed into accumulating the dirt off the ground, the material pipe connected to the end ensured that the impurities don’t make their manner all of the ways to the stop.

Speaking about the success of the apparatus, he stated: “Every terrace and maximum balconies have an exit pipe connected. I best secured the give up of the pipes so that the water collects in the drums. I put a cloth clear out for apparent motives. When Chennai welcomed the heavy rainfalls on June 26, the rainwater harvesting device did its task.”
Krishnan cited that his area gets municipal water just as soon as per week, which is now insufficient for his relatives’ circle. However, with the brand new storage machine, their day-by-day chores requiring water and cleansing the house, clothes, utensils, flushing excreta, and so on are looked after.

While the center-elderly engineer is a shining example of how little steps taken to preserve water can bring us an extended manner, he is not the best one who merits a unique point out.

For instance, a set of people from Chennai harvested 30,000 liters of water within one hour while it rained. The citizens of this network, who live in the Sabari Terrace condominium, use the water accrued for three months every 12 months.

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