In the horology business, watch designers need to paintings towards the clock to create timepieces with all of the bells and whistles to cater to its developing purchasers.
The more captivating and specific the watch, better the danger it might move down in the annals of horology design records.
Since its established order in 1999, Richard Mille (RM) has long past directly to carve a name as one of the trendsetters in the enterprise. The watches are famend for its technical innovation as well being assertion pieces that mix passion, tradition, and style.
At final 12 months’ Salon Internationale de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), the brand brought the Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough, constructed to resist hard effect. Prior to that, RM launched its cut up-2d chronograph timepiece.
At the SIHH 2019 in Geneva, RM amazed visitors with a collection of timepieces which can be almost ‘exact sufficient to devour.’

The luxury watch emblem has taken the lid off a candy jar to reveal sorts of pastries for the wrist. Themed Bonbon, the tactile series is dedicated to candy treats.
Drawing on its know-how inside the arena of material, color, and form, the gathering accommodates two themes – Fruits and Sweets.
Cécile Guenat is the artistic director for the collection. A classically skilled jeweler, she created the pieces to provide a passage again to adolescence with the pure satisfaction of tasty memories.
“The concept turned into to revisit the present collections while gambling with color. This allowed me to carry out a pop-stimulated experience of fun. In all, we evolved a palette of 60 colorings for this unisex series,” says Guenat in the press release.
The ten models show a complete of 60 brilliant and pa colorings throughout the six Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT instances (which include the world top of the line of a brand new turquoise hue).
She describes the collection as disruptive, fashionable, daring, and playful in a phrase: innovative.
“Bonbon, simply saying the word is enough to make you smile. It manages to bring a combination of satisfaction, accurate cheers, and sharing all of a sudden. For me, it became clearrtunity to let loose and have fun revisiting early life.”

Sweet Childhood Memories
The Sweets collection comprises four models – RM 07-03 Cupcake, RM 07-03 Marshmallow, RM 37-01 Sucette (lollipop) and RM16-01 Reglisse (licorice).
If you’re a sweet lover, the timepieces will surely evoke fond youth reminiscences of these delicious morsels.
Under the Fruits series, there are six flavors – RM sixteen-01 Lemon and Strawberry, RM07-03 Blueberry and Litchi, RM37-01 Kiwi and Cherry.
There are sixteen forms of chocolates to discover within the series, with the different ornament of confectionery satisfaction precise to each piece.
They are available in vivid pop-artwork colorings, just like Tim Burton’s vibrant creativeness of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in the 2005 film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

At one glance, the Bonbon collection could appear a tad too playful and paltry, specifically when as compared to previous collections.
But a closer look exhibits how RM has zoomed in on micro-realism to create those watches. On some pieces, there are sixteen culmination and goodies consistent with the dial.
Gumdrops, swirling gelato, marshmallow or barley sugars, these miniatures, are like the two-millimeter licorice roll, machined from sheets or solid titanium. These little pieces are handpainted to stimulate the texture of a sugar coating. Each model has its precise index and flange too.
To create an entire spectrum of flavors while biting into these chocolates (assume: softness, crunchiness, and fluffiness), the brand turns to the mastery of teeth works.

It uses an individual grand feu enamel works which entail growing shallow depressions that outline that preferred motif in plates of rose or white gold, then filling those with the powdered tooth. Extremely high firing or glazing strategies are also carried out to produce those artisanal confectionery timepieces.
“Rather than lapidation, we’ve chosen to sand the grand few teeth at the RM 07-03 Marshmallow to hold the extent and appearance of the fabric itself. This is how we acquire the fluffy first-rate of the marshmallow at the dial,” explained Guenat, including it took 18 months to develop the collection.


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