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Don’t expect plain faucet water inside the coffee or tea at Kris Scott’s newly opened restaurant in downtown Fredericksburg.
Dark Star Saloon & Café, placed simply off Princess Anne Street at 303 Fauquier St., uses a Kangen water system to supply ionized water at numerous one-of-a-kind pH tiers. The eating place uses it to make espresso and tea and the drinking water served to clients and clean the products it buys from nearby farmers.Dark Star Saloon shines with farm-to-fork cuisine 2

Scott stated that kangen machines were used for years in Japan and are beginning to capture on in restaurants in California and a few other components of the usa. He thinks Dark Star is the handiest local eatery that has one.

“Water is quite important,” he stated.
Scott grew up in Fredericksburg and labored his manner up from dishwasher to cook at such local restaurants as J. Brian’s Tap Room and Old Town Grill and Café, and trained under a chef at the former Augustine’s. He started his dream to own his restaurant in the future, and it started to come to a genuine closing year when he was given the key to the distance on Fauquier Street.

That small, two-tale frame constructing has been home to some eating places over the years, and Scott said he needed to rip out and replace the kitchen. He also took out the drop ceiling and a wall to open up the indoors and decorated the 44-seat area along with his series of traditional rock memorabilia, which includes album covers, 45s, and more than one guitar. Even the eating place’s call is a nod to rock ’n’ roll: “Dark Star” is a Grateful Dead tune.
“I’ve usually cherished traditional rock,” said Scott, adding that he desires humans to feel like they could allow their hair down at his eating place.

When they do, what they get to reserve is Scott’s tackle “farm-to-fork” American delicacies. He buys his meats from Olde Towne Butcher on William Street and his bread sparkling from the ovens at Eileen’s Bakery and Café some blocks away on Caroline Street. Area farmers deliver produce and eggs to the restaurant’s again door.

Dark Star Saloon presently serves breakfast and lunch from 8 a.M. To three p.M. Day by day and dinner from 5 p.M. To ten p.M. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
The menu features such dishes as Chicken Coop and Rice, which his grandmother used to serve him for breakfast. It features slices of hard-boiled eggs atop a mound of rice combined with scrambled eggs, at the side of slices of fowl and pesto made with herbs grown hydroponically in a garden tower located next to the bar.

Other services consist of Shrimp of Fools, Cajun-style shrimp served over stone-ground grits; the Mountain Rose waffle, a red batter Belgian waffle served with strawberries, and a cream cheese frosting drizzle; and the House Burger, grass-fed beef made with a residence rub and served with cheese and hand-cut fries.

There’s additionally a berry salad and a vegan cornbread waffle flavored with orange juice.
Beverages consist of fresh fruit smoothies and espresso made with beans from Makawao Coffee Roasters in Orange. Craft cocktails with names referencing rock stars could be added once the eating place receives its ABC license. Cry Baby Cry, for example, might be crafted from Janis Joplin’s cherished Southern Comfort and named after one in every one of her songs.

Scott ultimately plans to feature a patio in the back of the eating place to offer morning yoga instructions, poetry slams, and live tunes. He also plans to use the 2-bedroom residence round the corner to the eating place as a rock ’n’ roll-themed Airbnb.

Shayla M. Berg

Dark Star Saloon shines with farm-to-fork cuisine 3I’ve always loved food and I’ve always loved sharing my love of food with the world. This love led me to become a professional foodie, opening my very own restaurant called The Great American Cafe and writing a blog called Foodieso.com, where I’ve been able to share my recipes, ideas and thoughts about food.


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