Ice cream may be considered a current summer season treat. But these days, all you want to do is go to your favorite grocer, ice cream keep or restaurant to look that there were plenty of present-day improvements to the conventional dessert. Over the past few summers, funky taste fans were capable of attempt everything from pizza ice cream to pickle ice cream splits to an ultra-spicy Carolina Reaper pepper-infused ice cream!

This summertime, LongHorn Steakhouse is the latest eating place to climb on board the candy and savory ice cream blend trend. On July 1, the enterprise released a Steak & Bourbon ice cream sundae. The foundation of the dessert is the custom-made Steak & Bourbon ice cream.

Steak-flavored ice cream? It might sound weird, however, listen to me out. This flavor begins with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream. Next, LongHorn Steakhouse introduced its proprietary Char seasoning, which their grillmasters use to enhance their famous steaks. From there, a layer of smooth, bourbon caramel is swirled into ribbons at some point of the ice cream. The completing touches are the bits of real steak sprinkled during the creamy base. The dessert is then topped with more magnificent bourbon caramel sauce and “steak sprinkle,” that are just greater of the steak jerky bits found inside the ice cream.

I have been continuously a conventional kind of girl in terms of my ice cream. My idea of adventurous eating is combining mocha chip and mint chocolate chip. However, when supplied a threat to strive the Steak & Bourbon sundae, I determined to head outside of my comfort sector. After all, I adore both steak and ice cream, so maybe a mixture of the two wouldn’t be so horrific.

I confess I become a little anxious to attempt it. The concept of all that sweet mixed with cold, chewy steak sounded a chunk odd. But my first chew from the lovely bowl of ice cream caught me definitely off shield in a proper manner!
Vanilla is not typically my favorite ice cream. However the vanilla bean base and smooth, creamy texture provided an appropriate heritage. It wasn’t overly sweet, which is vital because the relaxation of the flavors take the highlight.

The bourbon caramel is not most effective swirled at once into the ice cream however also poured on top of the sundae. Unlike many caramel sauces, LongHorn Steakhouse’s bourbon-infused caramel avoids solidifying into a chewy, sticky-candy mess on the ice cream. You can taste the bourbon. However, it doesn’t overwhelm or overpower the topping, which could now and again occur with alcohol-flavored sauces.

The steak sprinkles proved to be the biggest wonder for me. They don’t overload the ice cream as a mixture in or when brought on top for an extra flavor punch. Instead, it provides that satisfactory savory word that balances out the candy ice cream and caramel sauce. I become waiting to be repelled by way of the feel and flavor of steak in my ice cream. However, it became diffused sufficiently to get the taste without hitting me over the top. The steak sprinkles do have a slightly chewy texture, and my husband didn’t take care of them when he attempted it. But I liked the brought taste in my dessert.


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