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7 am Five mornings a week, I do some physical games and stretching to hold my knees and returned ticking over. Weekdays my breakfast is parsimonious – muesli and fruit juice. At the weekend, I upload coffee and toast. Then, I’ll listen to the news, and after a read of the papers, I’m on the motorbike, rain or shine, into my office on Dublin’s Pearse Street.

‘We have given up speedy meals. Not that I feel any more healthy for it.’ 2
Burger, cropped

1 pm I usually cycle domestic to Ranelagh and lunch with my spouse Mary; because of this, I clock up 16km on the motorcycle every day. I’ve been biking in Dublin for greater than 30 years, and, in case you are cautious, it’s a green and safe way to get around. As well as the exercise factor, a large plus for me is that I can time my journey precisely, which makes making plans my day easier. With every different mode of transport, you’re at the mercy of Dublin traffic, bar walking, which might be my second desire for transportation.

I did have my first full-size fall off the motorcycle in November and could not cycle for two months, and I admittedly neglected it. Luckily, I had my helmet on. Otherwise, it might have been extra severe. Lunch will be a salad with lettuce, beetroot, tomatoes, walnuts, goat’s cheese or hummus, now and again ham or scrambled eggs. I’ll have bread, now not always whole grain though by no means sliced pan, usually a soft roll. I’ll have any other espresso. If I am consuming out, it will likely be easy – a sandwich or a salad.

4 pm I don’t drink enough water. I’ve attempted, but I’m not too fond of the flavor. So if I’m at a meeting, I’ll have a small glass of fizzy water, and that’s it. I’ll keep away from espresso within the afternoon.
7.30 pm In the past few years, we have reduced down on beef and now could have fish two or three instances a week, and fowl twice every week. Dinner could be fish pie or grilled chook or fish with fresh veg and rice. We might have pork a couple of times per week; maximum likely mince in lasagna or moussaka. Never burgers, we have given up rapid meals. Not that I sense any healthier for it. We would open a bottle of wine and revel in that over two days, so that’s approximately glasses for me and one for Mary every nighttime.
10 pm I’m a nighttime snacker, and if I am good, it’s an apple; however, more likely, I’ll have some dark chocolate or crackers and cheese (we don’t hold biscuits in residence to avoid temptation). So I’ll typically be in mattress for eleven.15. However, Mary will stay up later, and I go to sleep quick, offering I don’t should be up for something at a specially early hour the following morning – then it’s more difficult to fall asleep.


Dr. Conor Kerley, dietitian and lecturer

Fruit Peter should purpose for freshly squeezed juice or, if store-offered, move for the “now not from listening” option. One main healthy fruit factor is a fiber that’s missing from the juice, so perhaps a few days, he should have an apple rather.
Substantial salads will satisfy Goat’s cheese affords protein and calcium simultaneously as walnuts upload omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein, fiber, and lots extra. Beetroot is a supply of iron, folic acid, and antioxidants. Perhaps Peter should upload fresh mint and chopped lemon to his water to see if it tempts him as he needs to drink a chunk greater for proper hydration.

Meat consumption Although red meat provides essential nutrients inclusive of protein, iron, and B12, evidence has been collecting that frequent intake contributes to many health issues, together with early death. Therefore, most fitness authorities suggest lowering pork intake while increasing protein sources such as legumes/beans and nuts.

Peter says he doesn’t feel any healthier after cutting down on pork. Sometimes when we exchange our weight loss program in a useful manner, we might not feel higher immediately. Still, we may additionally get healthier on the inside, and we need to maintain that in mind and preserve up the healthy behavior. Good fitness must in no way be taken as a right.

Shayla M. Berg

‘We have given up speedy meals. Not that I feel any more healthy for it.’ 3I’ve always loved food and I’ve always loved sharing my love of food with the world. This love led me to become a professional foodie, opening my very own restaurant called The Great American Cafe and writing a blog called Foodieso.com, where I’ve been able to share my recipes, ideas and thoughts about food.


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