Anyone who loves potatoes will recognize the delicious version of the vegetable while it’s far mashed. Mashed potatoes are a well-known side dish, which is prepared by crushing and milling boiled potatoes and mixing them with milk, butter, and salt. Mashed potatoes function a side dish with several meals like steaks, salads and stir-fry vegetables. Alter the ingredients, and you can also use mashed potatoes as a filling for sandwiches, samosas, and aloo ka parantha. Whichever shape you like, mashed potatoes will be the base factor in some of these dishes. Vegetables are a super source of potassium and essential nutrients.

Aubergine (Baingan) Masala with Sweet Potato Mash
Aubergine, additionally known as brinjal, eggplant, and baingan in Hindi, is a distinctly nutritious meal. It has a squishy, pulpy texture that makes for a smooth, easy dish. With a smattering of creamy mashed potatoes, this starter dish will melt on your mouth and spurt out a flow of flavors from the diverse other components introduced to it.

Bangers And Mash
For the unversed, ‘Bangers and Mash’ is a popular dish from Britain, which is mostly manufactured from fowl sausages. It’s a -component dish, made with bird and potatoes. Crispy, fried bird sausages are served with mashed potatoes as an aspect dish. This dish works as a perfect appetizer at social gatherings and keeps one satiated until the first meal.

Aloo Parantha
This one needs no introduction. Indians have grown up consuming this dish each other day and in no way appear to get bored of it. The tender, lush potato mash, crammed inner a roti, and served with a dollop of butter, curd, chutney or achaar – you just cannot go wrong with this mouth-watering meal.


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