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Cooking is an understanding you benefit beyond regular time. As a depend on fact, in case you ask any well-known chef, they have got had their percentage of trial and mistakes inside the kitchen. Cooking failures may be large temper-spoilers, mainly if you are new to cooking. In that case, it can hose down your spirits, making you by no means want to don that apron once more in existence. But here’s a mystery. Not all cooking mistakes are that terrible; some of them are redeemable too. Our ancestors have left us a treasure of secrets and techniques which can help save cooking failures and make cooking easier, quicker, and a pleasant trip.

Here are a few desi hacks that couldn’t handiest store your day within the kitchen, however also bring about a few gorgeous dishes:

1. To manipulate more salt

We have all been there, achieved that. Numerous of us have made mistakes when it involves salt and has ended up with very salty curries, gravies, soups, and stews. But happily, there are pretty a few cheaper remedies to restore this commonplace cooking catastrophe. You can add a couple of spoons of milk or yogurt to neutralize the impact of extra salt. Or you can add a dice of raw potato into the dish. We Indians love potatoes in our gravies, and it turns out that this spud can act as a savior on your plate too. The starch present in vegetables absorbs the extra salt and enables neutralize the dish.

2. For softer parathas

Wondering why your parathas are not as gentle as those you have got at dhabas and eating places? The mystery lies in the dough! While kneading the dough, upload a teaspoon or of milk. This might make your parathas smooth, stretchy, and oh-so-delectable.

3. For puffy and much less oily pooris

Want puffy hot pooris, even as reducing again on grease? Here’s what you can do. Keep the flat pooris in the fridge for some time before frying them. Ten minutes is a superb time. Now fry those pooris; you’ll see them upward thrust up very quickly in warm soil, and they don’t even take so much of oil to cook dinner.

4. For puffy and much less oily pooris

Want puffy hot pooris, even as cutting returned on grease? Here’s what you could do. Keep the flat pooris in the fridge for some time earlier than frying them. Ten minutes is a good time. Now cook these pooris; you will see them upward push up right away in warm oil, and that they do not even take a lot of fuel to prepare dinner.


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