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Congratulations! You have an ice cream shop that makes and sells banana splits, ice cream sundaes, and any other frozen treats you can think of. But, have you thought about the packaging and what kinds of lids to use for your containers? First, we have to agree on one thing. That the plastic cups for placing the ice creams and other treats are versatile, durable, and made tailor-made to suit the needs of your ice cream shop. Second, you need to know what kinds of lids you need for the plastic cups, dome lid, or flat lid with many cup designs and accessories. You do not want the customer’s yogurt to spill all over the place in the event of an accident.

Ice Cream Containers

Why do you need good lids?

Dome lids are the most suitable kinds of lids to consider. They help to keep the contents of the container cool, safe, and clean for consumption. They also make the contents of the clear cup look pleasing to the eye. Why then should you opt for the dome lid or dome-shaped lid?

Just as the name suggests, dome lids are dome-shaped or conical by appearance. The lid is perfect for products such as ice creams, smoothies, lattes, milkshakes, and frozen yogurt. Dome-shaped lids are mostly preferred as they allow plenty of room for toppings such as sprinkles, whipped cream, or any other extras you’d like to add to your servings. Some more advantages of using dome lids are:

  • The dome-shaped lid allows steam to get released instead of other kinds of lids that force all the steam to accumulate at the cup’s brim.
  • The dome lid allows the plastic cup to be filled with ice cream to the brim as they allow for extra space for air and movement.
  • Dome lids do not allow for spillage or leakage as they fit perfectly on the plastic cups and leave a lot of room at the top.
  • Dome lids are mostly used in high-end establishments as they are a bit costly, so using them gives you a competitive edge.
  • The dome lid is shaped to avoid splashes, minimizing chances of accidents, and enhance comfortability.
  • Dome lids are made from a good and strong material, making them one of the most durable lids.

What then should you consider when choosing your shop’s cup lid?

1. Quality

When choosing the lids for your plastic cups, quality has to be in mind. The better the quality, the more appealing your product is, and the more the sales. You do not want your customers to spill all over their clothes or mess up their cars when eating dessert.

2. Recyclability

The dome lid is recyclable, hence why it is the most preferred kind. Lids that can be easily recycled help save costs in the long run and save the environment from harm. It is essential that when customers are through with eating their favorite dessert, the containers get disposed of for recycling and reusability.

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