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In the final 7 years, a quiet redefinition taking area within the USDA National Organic Program oversees natural standards. Large-scale business producers have insinuated themselves into organic certification to transform what the green and white label stands for.

The Hydroponic Threat to Organic Food 2
Original natural become primarily based on a simple equation:

Healthy soil = wholesome plant life = healthful animals = wholesome planet.

This equation leaves out the dialogue of WHY these things are proper, but it is a great roadmap for what natural agriculture is all approximately. The first given is continually “healthy soil.” As we look deeper, we can’t examine those components separately because flowers and animals are essential elements of a healthy soil device. No vegetation manner, no healthy soil. The same is authentic with animals. Soil and flowers coevolved for 350 million years, and neither can be healthful in isolation from the opposite. The dance among vegetation, microbial lifestyles, and animal existence inside the soil are vital for all.

Western soil technological know-how got started with the paintings of Justus von Liebig (1803-1873). From Liebig’s attitude, soil changed into a passive storage bin for plant vitamins. However, in Charles Darwin’s 1881 ebook The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms, those ideas were challenged by using a soil vision as a dwelling ecosystem. But Liebig’s viewpoint ruled Western soil technological know-how until the 1980’s when the role of organisms in soil formation has become better understood. Liebig himself even turned far from his “garage bin” paradigm in the latter part of his existence, but our agricultural sciences continued to follow his earlier writings.
If we dispose of plant life, soil can not be dwelling. Plants provide strength thru photosynthesis for all animal and microbial lifestyles in the soil. These photosynthates are supplied first as root exudates that feed the fungi and micro organism in exchange for which they gain the minerals that in flip feed the plant life. The seen lifestyles forms are essential because of the invisible microbial community. Soil animals go from burrowing woodchucks and gophers to snails, slugs, and elongate animals, including earthworms, flatworms, nematodes, soil mites, springtails, ants, termites, beetles, and flies. All of these species collectively create a community this is frequently referred to as the soil meals web.

Organic farming is based on protecting and improving this net of existence. By cultivating the variety of existence, we create a solid surrounding within the soil. Diseases or pestilence are signs and symptoms of a lack of balance. So the natural farmer’s first activity is to beautify the range of lifestyles within the soil network. This is completed by way of presenting substances and techniques to assist build a soil carbon sponge.

Conventional agriculture is primarily based on a completely different approach to management and simplification. By making structures that are as easy as possible, it becomes clean to govern the inputs and outputs. The inputs are processed offsite to provide plants to be had nutrients. “Soil” becomes a device for holding roots. Consequently, it is easier to make these systems replicable, similar to the version of a McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s simplifies their systems as a lot as viable to serve the identical hamburger to every purchaser worldwide. In this kind of machine, the expertise is contained inside the company staff who layout the tactics and present the raw materials. The problem is a loss of nutrients in the final product. McDonald’s serves plenty of calories that soothe customers’ cravings, but they fail at supplying a wholesome food regimen. The result is the phenomenon of customers who’re concurrently malnourished and overweight.

Similarly, in a traditional agriculture machine, the yields are high, consistent with an acre; however, as Vandana Shiva has stated, the yield of health in line with acre is low. As it seems, we’re a part of that co-evolution of soil and plant life and animals. Human nutritional desires are complicated and beyond our complete understanding of this factor. But natural farmers believe that with the aid of embracing the one natural structures, we can feed ourselves nicely, even supposing we in no way completely understand why.

As Einstein as soon said, there may be a simplicity that comes earlier than complexity. Of course, this is worthless, but there may be a simplicity beyond complexity that is priceless.
These simplified traditional systems were promoted via an industry that profits by selling treatments to the unintentional results of such crude simplicity. Their high yields are unsustainable without the liberal use of poisons. Plants grown in soil without biological complexity are very liable to sickness and bug attacks. And of the path, the greater we use such poisons, the much less healthy the soil will become, so more pesticides are wanted, and on and on.
In farm animal manufacturing, the epitome of traditional agriculture is a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in which animals are isolated from the land. Their food is grown a long way from where they stay, so their manure is misplaced to the production device. There is not any honoring of Albert Howard’s Law Of Return.
In vegetables and berries, the epitome of traditional agriculture is hydroponic manufacturing. Hydroponics is a machine that is based totally upon processed inputs to feed the plants. The antique natural adage is, “Feed the soil, no longer the plant.” The guiding principle of traditional agriculture is: “Feed the plant, now not the soil.” Obviously, hydroponic production is the most intense example of this philosophy.

Natural farming practices are historic; however, no longer all traditional farming systems will be called organic using the definition of such pioneers as Albert Howard. Some traditional agriculture turned into now not sustainable and ultimately caused the downfall of civilizations. But organic standards had been practiced in the extensive farming of southeast Asia for over 4000 years. They have been found out via Howard in India and ultimately taught within the West. Since then, soil technology has confirmed Howard’s ideas to an astounding degree. Every day, we examine how soil communities function and approximately why this type of machine no longer depends on insecticides to thrive. In addition, every day, we analyze more approximately the connections between the soil microbiome and our very own microbiome.
From this common sense, we conclude this is important to keep in mind: that the absence of pesticides in a hit organic device results from how we farm, now not its definition.

The natural movement has long believed that meals grown in wholesome soil are the foundation of human fitness. In recent years, it has become clear that agriculture is also deeply involved in the climate crisis because of the trouble and answer. Conventional agriculture contributes directly to the destruction of the residing soil, main to the unfold of deserts and the warming of the planet. We have the abilties and expertise to farm without chemical substances to build a soil carbon sponge that may cool our warming planet. Our obstacle to accomplishing that is social and political, not technical.

The inclusion of hydroponics in organic certification is, as a consequence, now not an instance of innovation and development. It is an instance of conquest and colonization. It is certainly a adverse takeover of organic by using monetary forces. It has been broadly resisted by using the natural community. However, the USDA keeps to include hydroponics as natural just as they embrace CAFOs as natural. Their redefinition of organic is in opposition to the regulation and global norms. The US another time becomes the rogue nation throwing away our mutual destiny so somebody could make a dollar.

At this time, massive portions of hydroponic berries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and vegetables are being advertised as “Certified Organic” in partnership with the USDA. And there’s no manner of figuring out what is hydroponic in the organic label.
The Real Organic Project was created to venture into this process. Our efforts encompass creating an add-on label so that actual natural farmers and eaters might be able to locate each other in a deceptive market.

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