Cafe Havana is precisely what’s seems like – a big, however at ease “tropical getaway” presenting Caribbean-fashion foods and drinks within the coronary heart of Smithtown.

Located at 944 W. Jericho Turnpike, Cafe Havana has a menu stimulated with the aid of true Puerto Rican and Spanish flavors.

“With the palm bushes surrounding you and the huge type of food to choose from, you will experience like you have been transported to a tropical island…Once you get transported to the Caribbean, you may in no way need to go away,” reads the restaurant’s internet site.

Cafe Havana’s menu includes formidable flavors and dishes instantly from the Caribbean. Appetizers include fish tacos, crab cakes, baked clams, and calamari, to call a few.

From there, you’ll discover forte-crafted sandwiches, soups, salads, and conventional entrees. From heartier dishes like braised pork shank and arroz con pollo to savory seafood delights inclusive of halibut, paella, and lobster, the entirety of the menu is made with actual Caribbean flavors in thoughts.

This is true even when it comes to side orders, which encompass sweet or fried plantains and yuca frita, a form of greater crispy fried potato.

Don’t stop your meal without experiencing one of the cafe’s many conventional cakes for those with a sweet tooth. Options encompass tres leches cake, flan, fruit sorbet, coconut custard pie, guava cheesecake, dulce de leche cheesecake, and homemade lava cake.

Cafe Havana’s tropical atmosphere and delicacies have earned the status quo a four-famous person rating on Yelp.

“My family and I visited Cafe Havana at some stage in restaurant week and thoroughly enjoyed everything on the menu. We commenced with the yummy baked empanadas appetizers in fowl and pork, followed through the crammed sweet plantains.

“I had the classic Cuban ropa viejà that was served with rice, beans, and sweet plantains. Every bite became savory and delicious, accompanied through their infamous sangria…my meal changed into everything and then some!” wrote R.A. In a June 26 evaluation.


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