The young adult individuals of the Valencia Christian Center welcomed a younger and inspiring face into their Sunday teenagers service – 12-yr-antique musician, minister and writer Kaleya Kerr-Ervin.

Every 5th Sunday, the church hosts its “Free Look Youth Takeover” in which contributors of the church 30 years old and more youthful host all of the offerings and sometimes invite unique visitors like Kerr-Ervin to come talk.
“Ever since the first time I heard approximately Kaleya, I although I simply needed to get her to our church, and I didn’t recognise where to begin, stated senior pastor Swanzi Saunders. “I bought a copy of her e book and talked to her writer. I just knew she had some thing special about her and I desired our younger people to advantage from it.”

In the midst of the singing, worship and dancing, Kerr-Ervin, who lives in Long Beach, took the stage with church elder Jevin Smith for a question and answer discussion about the young lady’s hardships and street to fulfillment. Kerr-Ervin spoke approximately her struggles with Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration, which induced her to go nearly absolutely blind on the age of three. She mentioned her time in foster care, how she was followed with the aid of her aunt and uncle and the importance that innovative shops like song and writing have had in her existence.

“I’ve travelled all throughout the country as a minister for the closing six years and it felt simply precise to come back to the church because God is using me to minister to these humans,” Kerr-Ervin stated. “I also made new friends and it makes me truely satisfied to peer humans so high quality and playing church service. Faith is one of the most critical belongings you need, like eating or drinking water. What’s the factor of lifestyles with out faith?”

After they spoke, the younger girl hopped on the piano and executed for the gang.
Kerr-Ervin changed into additionally got here to Free Look to promote her ebook, “Now I See: Wonder Child’s Gifts of Vision and Music,” which is set her existence tale. In the e book, she discusses her visual impairment, the remedy she obtained and her belief in a God-given foresight. After the service, the younger writer had a ebook signing and a meet and greet consultation with church attendees.

“I desire that humans left the service nowadays advocated, stimulated and encouraged to keep pushing ahead to what God has intended for their lives all along, and I suppose that has been accomplished,” Saunders stated.
Kerr-Ervin will spend her summer time damage from school to carry out with different musicians and seem at different public engagements like throwing the first pitch at expert baseball games. She enjoys sharing her tale with different younger people to help combat negativity and preoccupation with trivial topics, like reputation.

“I like to talk to the adolescents due to the fact each person is doing crazy matters and seeking to be the maximum popular and I just need to the touch their hearts,” she stated. “It’s my heart’s preference to touch the hearts of as many humans as I can with my story across the world. A single person within the target market may be going thru something rough and they might just want that greater push to preserve them going forward.”


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